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High in the mountains above Los Angeles, in a 3,000 sq. ft. warehouse sits "Local Craft Beer" and "5 Star Hard Seltzer" aka "LCB". Tehachapi, Ca is 4,000 ft. above sea level, has a population of 12,000, and is an hour away from the next town. We have an 8 bbl manual brewhouse and 120 bblS of fermentation space. Everything here is done by hand, no buttons to push here, truly brewed the hard way. We brew to capacity, 12 hour double batch brew days happen every Tuesday thru Thursday, we package on Mondays with our own counter pressure canning line and deep clean on Fridays. While the owners write and develops all the recipes and oversee the packaging process, The Brewers are stirring 700 lb mashes with a paddle, milling grains, and dropping hops. Everything is more expensive when your small and remote. We use twice the hops and pay twice the shipping as the next brewery giving us a 65% yield and we focus on the finest ingredients, to ensure an amazing brew every-time. It takes us 12 batches brewed across 6 days, 192 labor hours, and 4 fermenters to make 1 can release!

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